Fix cases where the selection would not be taken into effect

Integration with Chinese Flash

Fix Playing action causing iFile to crash

Fix toggling ActionMenu enabled without restarting the app

Updated Localizations

Improved performance

Improve Copy All performance

Use less memory

Fix iBooks/iTunes Store crash

Updated localizations

Fix iOS's Replace… action

Fix pluginName API regression

Match iOS's targetForAction: behaviour

Updated localizations

Ignore the iOS's More... button

Add better debugging

Fix Favorites/History/Locate in alert views

Fix Calculator crash

Fix 1Password Pro

Fix iBooks Crash

Support for more table cells

Fix infinite loop in apps that have custom table cell support

New Playing action in plus pack

New mandatory Upgrade button for users that only have the free version

Fix copying contact details not working

Fix TwitBird crash (thanks Zimm for bugging me)

Improve startup time

Disallow cut/paste on table cells (OS 3.1 only; thanks kennytm)

Faster menu item loading

Fix for regression in Tweet plugin

Moved biteSMS and other app-specific entries to the front of the bus

Fix for Facebook crash

Fix for copying song or album name in iPod app

Fix biteSMS-button related crashes

Fix crash when Lookup action is used inside SpringBoard

Fix Copy All breaking copy in the Photos app

Fix crash in iTunes password dialog

Fix for freeze in Fast Notes

Fix annoying popup on Wifi network/ringtone cells in Preferences

Revert 1Password to value-only copying

Prevent Safari freeze when invoking inside a window.prompt (temporary fix)